A great guide with 16 of my favorite recipes from "The Mexican Food Diet™", my international best selling book!

Learn how to lose weight without depriving yourself of delicious food!
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Maru Dávila

Mom, Author, Healthy Chef
Integral Nutritionist and Weight Loss Expert
Founder of Flaca Forever®

Recovered Anorexic, Bulimic and Yo-Yo Dieter

I am on a mission to help 50 Million people just like YOU get in the BEST SHAPE of Your Life: Physically, mentally and emotionally...
I will teach YOU how to get back in control of Your Health, Your Weight and Your Life, so that you can get the freedom you want and deserve and become Your BEST SELF EVER!

I am in my late 40's, and I feel and look better than ever! It is never too late to GET BACK IN CONTROL!
Get back in Control of Your Health, Your Weight, Your Life™!
Healthy Eating that Feels Like Cheating
About Maru
I grew up in Mexico. I was a very ambitious young girl. First woman in my family ever to go to college, first to work for a Fortune 500 company and first to be a business owner. Ultimately, I emigrated to the United States to pursue my education at Harvard.

Starting in my teens and throughout my adult life, I had struggles with my weight, eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia and binge eating) and a variety of physical and emotional health issues that no doctor could help me and made me feel stuck, overweight and depressed. Finally, I made the decision that if I was ever going to get control of my health, my weight and my life, that it was going to be up to me to come up with the solutions to my problems.

I looked back at my life, back to when I was a young girl growing up in Mexico when I never had any of these issues and that is where I found my solution in foods that I ate when I was growing up in Mexico in the Mexican Food Diet. I went and talked to my mother and my grandmother and I got family recipes because women in my family have been very healthy and never been obese. 

I also became a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and began an intense program where I have studied and trained with some of the world's best health, weight and wellness experts.
Flaca Forever Products
  Get in the BEST SHAPE of your Life:
Physically, Mentally and Emotionally!
1. Flaca Detox: A Reset and Renew Program to kick start your weight Loss, clean up your body and set strong foundations for permanent weight loss and optimal health.
It is a plant-based, comprehensive, science-based nutritional program designed to support safe and effective detoxification.* Everything you need is consolidated into packets to make the program portable, easy to follow and to ensure that you don't miss any necessary nutrients.
The simple, satisfying and effective way to Detoxify your body!*
2. Flaca Get Lean: An effective Weight Loss Program that is delicious and nutritious.
It is a plant-based, comprehensive, science-based nutrition program designed to support fat loss and a healthy body composition.* Everything you need is consolidated into packets to make this program easy to follow and to ensure that you do not miss any necessary nutrients.
The simple, satisfying and effective way to GET LEAN! *

3. Flaca Stay Lean: The All-in-One Shake to stay Lean and healthy.
It is a truly superior plant-based functional food powder designed to support healthy weight loss and management.* Promotes an optimal intake of protein, vitamins, minerals, and fiber to help you maintain muscle as you lose fat.*
The simple, satisfying and effective way to Detoxify your body!*
4. Flaca Choco-Coconut: The Delicious Healthy Snack Bar.
It is a plant-based nutrition-packed functional food bar. Incorporates advanced prebiotic fibers that naturally support the growth of beneficial bacteria and may positively affect your gut health.  It is made up of an antioxidant-rich, dark chocolate coating and a moist and creamy coconut filling that is known to posses antibacterial and immune-enhancing properties. Coconut oil is very easily burned into energy. Only three net carbohydrates per bar with a taste that will rival even a Mounds® bar!
The simple, satisfying and effective way to GET LEAN! *

Flaca Detox™Reset and Renew Program
Reset Your Metabolism, Renew Your Health, and Lose Weight Forever!
Frequent Speaker on the Topics of Health, Weight Loss and Resilience
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