Maria Keckler’s Flaca Detox™ Experience

Prior to the detox, Maria had been unable to lose weight for the longest time and she was suffering from low energy, congestion and lack of mental clarity. Here’s what she said after the 14 day program:

Andi Neugarten’s Flaca Detox™ Experience

Andi is an athlete and leads a super active lifestyle. She did the Flaca Detox because she wanted to feel good from the inside out and get in the best shape of her life for her wedding:

Nisha Brice’s Flaca Detox™ Experience

Nisha shares how she feels now, as compared with before the detox:

Kyndra Leach’s Flaca Detox™ Experience

Kyndra shares her feelings about the program and what it did for her, her waistline and her skin. The bonus is she felt “full, clear and calm” while detoxing:

Gaby Sayago’s Flaca Detox™ Experience (en Español)

Gaby comparte lo contenta que se siente después de haber terminado el programa, el cual la dejó sintiéndose con mucha salud y energía, mucho más ágil, con menos celulitis y con 4 kilos de menos:

Isabel Dumke’s Flaca Detox™ Experience

Isabel wanted to get into better shape and sustain her fitness:

Jennifer Silver’s Flaca Detox™ Experience

Jennifer wanted to back on the path of eating well again and losing weight. She used the detox as a true “reset and renew” commitment:

Karen Benito’s Flaca Detox™ Experience

Karen simply could not stop raving about the benefits of the program, how easy it is to use and most of all— the results:

Laura Farias’s Flaca Detox™ Experience (en Español)

Laura cuenta lo sorprendida que se siente por las 5 tallas que logró bajar y los cambios que ha tenido en todas las áreas de su vida:

Lynn Lathrops’ Flaca Detox™ Experience

Find out about Lynn’s “big awakening” and why the program caught her by surprise

Alexandra Borbolla’s’s Flaca Detox™ Experience (in English y en Español)

Alexandra was already living a very healthy lifestyle, but after her Flaca Detox, she discovered additional benefits she didn’t expect:

In English

En Español