I lost a total of 13 pounds. I started seeing results right away. I was less tired, less irritable, felt amazing and best of all, I was full the whole time!


I started seeing results right away and became more aware of what was going into my body.


I first started gaining weight when I was 20 years old after being put on antidepressants. A few years later when I was ready to start getting rid of the pounds and I was off the medication I went to Jenny Craig. They help me lose the weight there but I learned very little about actually cooking, shopping for, and preparing my food. The weight-loss was successful for a few years but since the education part of it was missing I quickly put the weight back on. This started a long process of endless yo-yo dieting.


After having my last child I tried many different fad diets and even starvation because I was sick of feeling tired and looking tired. This caused my metabolism to completely flat line and even though I was only eating an apple and a slice of bread daily I still wasn’t able to lose any weight.


When I went to a lecture given by Maru, I knew had finally found someone with the right tools to help make my diet a lifelong process. She not only has the tools to help me lose the weight but also to continue eating well for the rest of my life. Not only that but she is also available for the tough times when I have cravings or other life situations arise. She is encouraging, motivating, energetic and educated in the process of what it takes. She has also been through it herself so she knows what to watch out for. Since working with her, I have learned about how different foods foods benefit me and which foods I need to avoid because they affect me. The Flaca Detox plan is comprehensive, has a lot of variety, and most importantly, is lifelong and this is exactly what I needed!


I am someone who likes to be given a set of guidelines and I follow those guidelines to the best of my ability. For this reason, I feel that the experience was not too difficult for me. It was also a very enjoyable experience because I got to make one meal a day. This was perfect. It allowed me to focus on one meal and it didn’t give me too much to do. Maru also help me learn about food prep ahead of time so that during my busy week with my two children everything was prepared and I always had a healthy snack on hand. The interesting thing is that my family also started to participate and ate the healthy meals that I was eating. Not only did that make it easier on me but I was so proud that they were making good eating choices for themselves!


By illuminating all of the allergens and toxins in my body I was able to discover a few food sensitivities that I was unaware of. I was also pleased to learn how my body treated food. Before the detox I felt like I was only feeding my brain. I would choose food that sounded good in my head but in reality was malnourishing my body. Once I started the program I realized that the food on the program nourished my brain and my body. The food gave my body the necessary fuel it needed without the spikes of energy that sugar causes. Now when my energy runs low and when I haven’t eaten in a few hours instead of being “hangry” and irritable I simply just become aware that I need a refuel.


I plan on continuing to do a detox quarterly and I know that my body will indicate when it’s time once I feel my energy drop and my body overloaded with toxins.


I would absolutely recommend the entire program as well as Maru. Not only because the program is great or that she is great but also because I truly believe that I’ve made changes for a lifetime!